Right Environment 11.21.11 //

The Question

At the front end of any major implementation - new CRM system, lean initiative, an acquisition - ask your people one key question: Why will this fail?They know your organization's history; they know your culture. Make it permissible for them to tell you w ... Read More

Right Environment 11.14.11 //

Are You Empowering or Abandoning?

"I don't like to micromanage," says the executive. "I like to give my people the freedom they need to be successful."We all know that to get the most from our people we need to empower them. Right?Some employees are discovering there's a dark side to so-c ... Read More

Right Commitment 11.07.11 // Michael Canic

The Multiplier Effect – Just One Drop

Ruthless consistency is in the details. Very small things, done right many times, can have a massive effect.They discovered this at a GE plant where the phosphorous coating is applied to fluorescent light bulbs. After the coating is applied the suspended ... Read More

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Are We Making Progress?

You know that in most cases money isn't what gets your people jacked up. In fact, money is a very limited motivator. It's well established that the intrinsic motivators - clear goals, recognition, making progress, a supportive environment - are much ... Read More

Right Focus 10.24.11 //

Climbing the Right Mountain

When I was young and foolish, my buddy Ken and I decided to test our rock-climbing skills on Mt. Cascade in the Canadian Rockies. Having done almost no research we drove to the mountain, picked out a route that looked promising, and began to climb.   ... Read More

Right Commitment 10.17.11 //

Leading for Speed

Do you have what it takes to successfully create a fast-growing organization?Take out a pen and draw three horizontal scales from 1 to 7. Resisting the temptation to go easy on yourself, rate yourself on the following questions (1=low, 7=high):1) How well ... Read More

Right Team 10.10.11 // Michael Canic

The Purpose of Purpose

When addressing a class of Stanford grads in 2005, the late Steve Jobs said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."When researcher Jerry Porras and his colleagues interviewed 200 people around the world who "made a difference" in their fi ... Read More

Right Commitment 10.03.11 // Michael Canic

Talk – Action = 0

Here's a formula for you. It's the motto of D.O.A., a hardcore/punk band: Talk - Action = 0. If you talk about something but don't take action then it means nothing.Like the strategic planning charade. All strategy but no execution equals zero result ... Read More

Right Focus 09.27.11 //

Ruthlessly Consistent and Consistently Irrelevant

It's one thing to be ruthlessly consistent and another to be consistently relevant. Aligning people, processes, structure and infrastructure with the wrong focus can be very effective ... at leading you to failure.Stuffing your products with even mor ... Read More

Right Environment 09.19.11 //

Yes Silly, Fun IS a Business Strategy

Fortune Magazine, among others, publishes an annual list of the best companies to work for. A characteristic common to many of these companies? Fun. They're fun places to work, they have fun activities. (Like sumo-wrestling contests where everyone from th ... Read More

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