Are We Making Progress?

You know that in most cases money isn’t what gets your people jacked up. In fact, money is a very limited motivator. It’s well established that the intrinsic motivators – clear goals, recognition, making progress, a supportive environment – are much more robust. But which one has the most impact?

Most managers rate “recognition for good work” as the number one motivator. Rings true, doesn’t it? The only problem is … it isn’t. “Making progress” is. When your people sense they’re making progress at their work, their drive to succeed is at its peak. They feel an emotional high. And when they can’t make progress because of obstacles – within the organization or outside of it – their drive gives way to helplessness and frustration.

People want to achieve. It makes them feel good about themselves. It makes them feel their work is meaningful. And it makes them feel valuable. Give your people the opportunity to succeed. Remove the obstacles and distractions that keep them from succeeding. And then, yes, remember to recognize them.

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