Right Environment 05.25.20 // Michael Canic

You Hire Employees, But Human Beings Show Up To Work

In business, it’s all about the bottom line. Or is it? A recent study at Baylor University concluded that supervisors who focus on profits without concern for employee well-being or ethical issues negatively affect employee performance. ... Read More

Right Focus 05.11.20 // Michael Canic

Scenario Planning: Why Now, Here’s How

Business open opportunities concept, White doors opened on white background, banner. 3d illustration

We’re into the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and consumers are slowly re-boarding, increasingly reengaging the marketplace and revving up the economic engine. Yet it remains a time of great uncertainty and ... Read More

Right Team 04.27.20 // Michael Canic

Adversity Reveals Character More Than Builds It

Close up of hand in white glove open the curtain. Place for text

There’s an old saying that “adversity builds character.” It’s more accurate, I think, to say that adversity reveals character. We’re living in a time of adversity and much is being revealed about people’s characters. ... Read More

Right Commitment 04.13.20 // Michael Canic

Stress vs. Strain: Knowing the Difference Can Help You Cope

Pressure Gauge

These are unprecedented times. And much uncertainty remains. Understandably, like all business leaders, you’re anxious. ... Read More

Right Environment 03.30.20 // Michael Canic

The Importance of Messaging in Turbulent Times

Epic super cell storm cloud

These are turbulent and, for many, traumatic times. Health fears, economic fears, volatility, uncertainty … in total, it’s like nothing we’ve experienced. This is a time for leadership. And if you’re reading this, then it’s very likely you’ ... Read More

Right Environment 03.16.20 // Michael Canic

Two Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Communicating Change

Businessman stepping on banana skin

You’d think we’d have figured it out by now. Given all of the change initiatives in all of the companies throughout all of the years, you’d think we’d have figured out how to effectively communicate organizational change. ... Read More

Right Focus 03.02.20 // Michael Canic

How to See the Future

Businessman hand holding a Crystal Ball

I recently watched a wonderful opera singer perform with the local symphony. Her voice was incredible and her presence captivating. What made it all the more impressive was that while she was there, she wasn’t really there. ... Read More

Right Commitment 02.17.20 // Michael Canic

For Every Early-Career Employee: 11 Keys to Success

End of year party! Whoohoo

It seems to me that more young people than ever are suffering angst about their careers. They’ve started working, they’re energetic, they’re ambitious … but they’re not sure what it will take to succeed, to get ahead. ... Read More

Right Team 02.03.20 // Michael Canic

The Underlying Spirit of “Teamwork”

Line of bicycle riders on a race

It’s no revelation that teamwork is critical to the success of any organization. But what exactly is teamwork? Is it when people share a common goal? An underlying purpose? Is it when they work together to complete a task? Or contribute, together or ... Read More

Right Environment 01.20.20 // Michael Canic

To Create a Winning Environment, Use Winning Language

open dictionary

Language counts. The language you use sends subtle messages – intended or not – that speak to your effectiveness as a leader. ... Read More

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