Right Team 11.13.17 // Michael Canic

How Great Companies to Work For Stay Great

Arms Hands Circle Team Unity Variation Group Diverse Concept

Over the past 20 years, more than 450 companies have appeared on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Yet only 12 companies have made it onto the list every year. The obvious question: What, if anything, do those 12 companies have in com ... Read More

Right Focus 11.06.17 // Michael Canic

The Strategic Variable You’re Most Likely to Overlook

The Strategic Variable You’re Most Likely to Overlook

When you think of business strategy, what variables come to mind? The market spaces you choose to compete in? The products and services you offer? ... Read More

Right Environment 10.30.17 // Michael Canic

How Applicable is Coaching Sports to Coaching in Business?

How Applicable is Coaching Sports to Coaching in Business?

When people find out that I used to coach college football and we won a national championship, they often ask: How applicable is coaching sports to coaching in business? ... Read More

Right Commitment 10.23.17 // Michael Canic

Building Commitment to Strategy Execution

Building Commitment to Strategy Execution

Inspiration for my weekly blog comes from many sources. Now, after more than 300 posts, I’m reaching out to another source … you. ... Read More

Right Focus 10.16.17 // Michael Canic

What Warren Buffett Can Teach Us About Strategy and Execution

Warren Buffet talking about Strategy and Execution

When it comes to investment strategy and execution, Warren Buffett is peerless. His net worth of over $80 billion bears testament to that. And when the term “investment guru” gets thrown around, it’s his name that most often comes to mind. ... Read More

Right Environment 10.09.17 // Michael Canic

What Really Makes a Company a Great Place to Work For

Cropped shot of a group of businesspeople high fiving in the office

For the past twenty years Fortune magazine has published an annual list of the 100 best companies to work for. A company typically made the list because they offered exceptional perks and benefits, and created cultures in which employees felt valued and ... Read More

Right Environment 10.02.17 // Michael Canic

5 Ways to Improve Employee Communications

Frustrated teacher standing in front of sleeping people in the classroom trying to communicate.

We conduct a lot of employee surveys. What we’ve learned over time is that the #1 issue most organizations struggle with is communications. Yet despite this, some organizations communicate very well. ... Read More

Right Team 09.26.17 // Michael Canic

How to Hire People With the Right Traits

Closeup of a businesswoman expressing her individuality while surrounded by her colleagues

The labor market is tight. Many would say brutal. As a result, numerous companies now realize that if they can’t hire people with the right skills, they’ve got to develop skills in the right people. ... Read More

Right Commitment 09.18.17 // Michael Canic

Don’t be Held Hostage by Consensus

Don’t be Held Hostage by Consensus

Most leaders are enlightened enough to know that you won’t get very far these days being a dictator. Sure, you’ll get compliance – at least in the short term – but you’re also likely to get low morale, poor productivity, and excessive turnover. ... Read More

Right Focus 09.11.17 // Michael Canic

Why Measurement is a Process, Not an Event

A businesswoman and businessman stand at a profile to the camera as they looks up at a large wooden ruler that is standing on its end inside a large room.

We have a greater capacity to measure than ever before. Increasingly sophisticated data collection methods and tremendous analytical power enable us to delve deep into critical business issues, such as operational performance and customer behavior. It has ... Read More

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