Right Team 01.15.18 // Jan Bundy

Hiring? Here’s Why Skills and Experience Aren’t Enough

Here’s Why Skills and Experience Aren’t Enough

You need to hire. To fill new positions, to replace others. What do you look for? Candidates who have the required skills? Those with the experience, who’ve done it before? Those who reflect the right values? ... Read More

Right Environment 01.09.18 // Michael Canic

Why it Doesn’t Ultimately Matter What Leaders Do

Why it Doesn’t Ultimately Matter What Leaders Do

“We need stronger leaders.” So goes the refrain in many boardrooms. Which results in leadership development programs, mentorship programs, and a host of other initiatives. The focus? What it means to be a leader. What effective leaders do. ... Read More

Right Commitment 01.02.18 // Michael Canic

How to Lead Your Organization to Success in 2018

How to Lead Your Organization to Success in 2018

It’s the New Year. A fresh start. Rekindled ambition. It’s time to lead your organization to the Promised Land! ... Read More

Right Environment 12.26.17 // Michael Canic

The Secret to Keeping Good Employees Motivated

The Secret to Keeping Good Employees Motivated

You might think there’s no secret to keeping good employees motivated because they’re already motivated. Which, of course, they are. ... Read More

Right Team 12.19.17 // Michael Canic

How to Become Expert at Hiring

How to Become Expert at Hiring

I recently read Bloomberg Businessweek’s, “The Year Ahead 2018”. While I was interested in their predictions for the coming year (and the rationale for those predictions), what I especially enjoyed was their assessment of last year’s predictions. ... Read More

Right Focus 12.14.17 // Michael Canic

Embrace the Joy of Pain

A man with a vice Embrace the joy of pain.

Dream big! Develop a vision! Identify your big, hairy, audacious goal (BHAG)! ... Read More

Right Commitment 12.04.17 // Michael Canic

What “Ruthless Consistency” Does Not Mean

3d rendering humanoid robot working with headset and monitor

Whenever I deliver a presentation on Ruthless Consistency, I can usually pick out someone who just isn’t comfortable with the idea. ... Read More

Right Environment 11.27.17 // Michael Canic

How Well Aligned is Your Leadership Team?

A businessman and a businesswoman working against each other while trying to move a large sphere as they both push against each other.

You want top performers on your leadership team. After all, they’re the ones you’re relying on to make strategy happen throughout your organization. But what if those top performers don’t, or won’t, work well together? Misaligned leadership teams ... Read More

Right Environment 11.20.17 // Michael Canic

How “Empathy” Applies in Business

Adventures for boy is always good idea for weekend

Over the past few years we’ve seen increasing references to the role of empathy in business. While some have embraced the idea, others have reacted with skepticism. Let’s take a step back and ask: Is there a role for empathy in business? ... Read More

Right Team 11.13.17 // Michael Canic

How Great Companies to Work For Stay Great

Arms Hands Circle Team Unity Variation Group Diverse Concept

Over the past 20 years, more than 450 companies have appeared on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Yet only 12 companies have made it onto the list every year. The obvious question: What, if anything, do those 12 companies have in com ... Read More

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