Right Commitment 05.21.18 // Michael Canic

4 Ways to Make Better Decisions

4 Ways to Make Better Decisions

As a leader you’re constantly faced with decisions. How you handle them says a lot about you. And can have major implications for your business. So how can you become more effective at making decisions? ... Read More

Right Focus 05.14.18 // Michael Canic

Why Strategic Leaders are Like Scientists (no, really)

When we think of strategic leaders, the image of a scientist – someone in a white lab coat with thick glasses holding a test tube – is not what comes to mind. Yet, surprisingly, strategic leaders are very much like scientists. Here’s how: ... Read More

Right Focus 05.07.18 // Michael Canic

Don’t Fix Culture, Fix What Drives Culture

Early into a new client engagement it’s not unusual for the CEO to say to me, “We need to fix our culture.” I understand the concern. After all, many studies have shown that culture is strongly associated with business performance and results. ... Read More

Right Team 04.30.18 // Michael Canic

Hiring in a Tight Labor Market? Here’s How to Increase Your “Win Rate”

Everywhere I travel I hear the same thing: it’s a struggle to find and secure top talent. As I’ve written many times, you no longer have the luxury of simply recruiting talent, you have to compete for talent. ... Read More

Right Commitment 04.23.18 // Michael Canic

Are You as Optimistic as You Think You Are?

Almost every leader thinks of themself as an optimist. And why not? We’re constantly exposed to stories of successful leaders who are optimists. And who wants to be thought of as negative? But are you as optimistic as you think you are? ... Read More

Right Focus 04.16.18 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Beware of Soundbite Leadership Lessons

Why You Should Beware of Soundbite Leadership Lessons

Reflecting our ever-shortening attention span, publications are increasingly doling out leadership lessons in the form of soundbites. A recent Fast Company article distilled 32 such lessons from 32 business leaders, founders, and artists (artists?) in res ... Read More

Right Environment 04.09.18 // Michael Canic

Why Feedback is Like Gold

Why Feedback is Like Gold

As a leader, you need your team to not only perform but to improve over time. Why? Because today’s performance won’t meet tomorrow’s expectations. Competitors get tougher, customers want more – the bar is continually being raised. ... Read More

Right Team 04.02.18 // Michael Canic

How to Strengthen Your Employee Selection Process

How to Strengthen Your Employee Selection Process

You’ve done a great job of recruiting. You’ve got a pool of candidates. Now it’s time to evaluate them and select the best person for the job. ... Read More

Right Commitment 03.26.18 // Michael Canic

Evolve or Die: The Choice is Yours

Evolve or Die: The Choice is Yours

Your company is successful. Customers love you, employees want to work for you, and your financial results are strong. You’ve nailed the formula for success. ... Read More

Right Focus 03.19.18 // Michael Canic

The #1 Reason Why Committed and Capable Leaders Fail

The #1 Reason Why Committed and Capable Leaders Fail

Whenever I’m speaking with a prospective client – typically a CEO of a mid-market organization – I want to determine several things. First, is the person truly committed to making strategy happen? Is it a must-do or merely a nice-to-do? Next, is the ... Read More

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