I expect to make an impact.
And I like the pressure that comes with that.


About Michael Canic


“My goal is to create positive and significant inflection points in the lives of organizations. I love working with committed leaders who value the power of partnerships. What you can expect from me is what I value: excellence, integrity, and positive energy.”

Who is Michael outside of work?

“I’ve always loved travel and adventure. My wife Bernadine and I have been to more than 40 countries. Whether it’s journeying by camel in the Sahara, trekking the mountains of Northern Pakistan, or canoeing on the Amazon, we are always up for adventure.”

“What else ignites my spirit? Mountain activities. Deep discussions about world affairs. And I always enjoy quality sushi paired with a fine, cold sake!”

Consulting with commitment

“What our clients will tell you – and I make this commitment to them – is that ours is the most effective strategic process they’ve experienced. Why? Because it creates focus and alignment, and institutes the discipline required to win.”

More than a feel-good speaker

“My intent as a speaker isn’t simply to inspire. It’s to inspire and equip. When my session is done, I want you to have ready-to-apply concepts and practices that enable you to make a difference. And the motivation to apply them.”

Guiding philosophy

I believe that the relentless alignment of intentions, decisions, and actions is the foundation of success. That’s what I call ruthless consistency. The principles and practices of this are at the core of my consulting, speaking, and writing.

Corporate leader

“At FedEx, I was responsible for implementing service quality strategy in Western Canada. I learned a lot about the realities of organizational change. Ultimately, our team produced more quality success stories than any other team in the Americas.”

Championship-Winning Coach

“I spent three years coaching college football. I loved the intense focus on achieving a common goal. We won a national championship. Those three years shaped my thinking about commitment, preparation, discipline, and execution.”

PhD – Psychology of Human Performance

“I’ve long been fascinated with how our psychology affects our performance. Goals and expectations, motivation, self-belief, emotional control, cognitive strategies — factors like these play a huge role in how we perform, whether in business, sports, or any other field.”