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Trophy awards for champion leadership in tournament

How “Ruthless Consistency” Wins Championships

When Arthur Blank decided the time was ripe to launch a Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team in Atlanta he went all in. They launched in 2017. In 2018, Blank’s team – Atlanta United – won the MLS Championship. Since when does a 2nd-year team in an established league win a championship? Since never.


What People Who Take Responsibility Do

We had helicoptered in to the meadows at the base of Mt. Robson – “the Monarch of the Rockies.” Four of us – me, my climbing partner, and our two guides – had five days to climb a mountain that was as notorious for its bad weather as it was for failed summit attempts. The allure was undeniable.


A businessman, walking along a sidewalk, happily follows a bunch of carrots that are dangling from a stick. The carrots are his motivation as he works his way through his day.

Why You Want to Reward For More Than Just Results

Carol Dweck is a Stanford Psychologies who studies human motivation and achievement. At the heart of her thinking is the idea that there are two mindsets – a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Dweck’s view is that the mindset we adopt fundamentally shapes our lives.


Businessman carefully trimming the budget with a big fat pair of red scissors against a light gray background

Why Now is the Right Time to Think About Cutting

It’s been a great run. The economy has been on an upswing for years. Do we even remember what a recession feels like?
We’re due. And many forecasters believe we’re due in 2019. Of course, economic forecasts and economic reality are often two different things. So what should you do?


Make it Safe to Speak the Uncomfortable Truths

Make it Safe to Speak the Uncomfortable Truths

As a consultant, I know that one thing clients want me to do when I assess their organizations is to tell them the uncomfortable truths. Where are they weak? Where are they vulnerable? What are they not doing that they should be doing? What are they doing that they shouldn’t be?