This is the place to start for Making Strategy Happen in your organization. There are three critical things that you as a leader must do to win: Develop and sustain the right focus. Build the right team. Create the right environment. And what drives those three things? Having the right commitment.

Do you?

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1.It starts with the Right Focus. Does your organization have a robust and repeatable strategic process to develop and execute strategy? If not, and if that’s not acceptable, then it’s time to embrace Strategic Management:

Do: Are You and Your Team Focused?

Learn: The Triumph of Strategic Management over Strategic Planning

Do: Strategy is a Process, not an Event

2. Do you have the Right Team – the right combination of people who are capable and motivated to win? If not, it’s time to strengthen your selection process:

Do: Are You Effectively Evaluating and Selecting the Right People?

Do: 4 Things You Should Consider When Selecting Team Members

Blog: 6 Critical Traits to Look for When Hiring

Blog: Without Know-How and Know-What, There’s No Way

Blog: How We Misjudge a Candidate’s Background When Hiring

Blog: Why it’s Important to Hire for Values

Blog: How to Evaluate Potential Team Members: Converging Evidence

… and how you approach recruitment:

Learn: Do You Recruit Employees or Compete for Talent?

Learn: Should You Hire for Cultural Fit?

3.     Have you created the Right Environment? One in which everything that impacts your team is consistently aligned with winning? Here’s a way to find out, and what to do if you haven’t (and if you’re like 95% of leaders, you haven’t):

Learn: Why Leaders Must be Ruthlessly Consistent

Do: Have You Created a Winning Environment?

Do: How to Get High Engagement and High Performance

Do: Are You Communicating the Right What, Why and How?

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