4 Things You Should Consider When Selecting Team Members

What should you look for when selecting a team member? While the specifics will vary by position, there are certain categories that apply in every case. This week I’ll outline the model I use, and in the coming weeks we’ll look more closely at each of the categories.
Traits are a person’s dominant characteristics. For example, when faced with a setback, does a person get tenacious or despondent? Do they take responsibility or point to things outside of their control?
Knowledge & Skills
Knowledge and skills refer to know-what and know-how. Any given position is likely to require some combination of job-specific, interpersonal, and self-management knowledge and skills.
When considering background, we typically default to work experience and, maybe, education. Yet life experiences can be very relevant and may transfer well to the requirements of a given position.
Values are the principles and standards of conduct that a person holds at their core. Understanding a person’s values can provide insight into how they are likely to perform and engage with others.
Again, while the specifics and importance of each category will vary by position, it would be wise to consider all four any time you are selecting a team member.
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