For Every Early-Career Employee: 11 Keys to Success

It seems to me that more young people than ever are suffering angst about their careers. They’ve started working, they’re energetic, they’re ambitious … but they’re not sure what it will take to succeed, to get ahead.
Having observed many early-career employees, and having observed how bosses evaluate those employees, has made clear that certain behaviors – which anyone can exhibit – are very well correlated with people who get ahead. And the absence of those behaviors correlates very well with people who don’t.
The Foundation
Always act with integrity – Because without this, nothing else matters
To Be Valued

  1. Be on time – It sends a message about what’s important to you
  1. Be prepared – If not, you’re likely to be judged as lazy
  1. Be 100% engaged – It shows you care, and you’re likely to contribute more
  1. Be reliable – People in charge want people they can count on
  1. Be respectful of everyone – You will be perceived at a higher level
  1. Be positive – People like to work with people who exude positive energy

To Excel

  1. Strive to learn and improve – People who excel are continuous learners
  1. Be coachable – Being defensive only shows you don’t have a secure ego
  1. Exceed expectations – You will never stand out doing the bare minimum
  1. Anticipate and solve problems – Taking initiative is the mark of people who get ahead

The good news is it’s a choice. Anyone can choose to exhibit these behaviors.
If you know early-career employees who want to succeed, then share and discuss these 11 keys with them. Then watch what happens.
Make it happen.
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