Your Customers' Addiction

Ever been addicted to heroin? Me neither. But an M.D. will tell you that over time a heroin addict builds up a ‘tolerance’ to the drug. Which means it takes more of the drug to produce the same high.

Why is this relevant? Because your customers are like heroin addicts. Except what they’re addicted to is value. Over time they build up a tolerance to your products and services. What wowed them in the past has a diminishing effect.

Think of yourself as a customer. At one time you were probably wowed by flat-screen monitors, smartphones, GPS navigation and online shopping. Now? Not so much. Yesterday’s wows have become today’s expectations. Which means they don’t help you win the game, they only keep you in the game.

And that’s why you can never get complacent. That’s why standing still means you’re falling behind. That’s the impetus for change. Either you feed the addiction or your customers will find someone who will.

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