Your #1 Challenge in the Next 18 Months

Your organization is facing a critical challenge. And if you don’t take action NOW it is likely to be the limiting factor to your growth over the next 18 months.

People. Finding, attracting and securing strong talent.

There’s no shortage of people looking for work, but there is a shortage of top-tier talent. And whether it’s sales reps in Seattle, welders in Winnipeg or managers in Manhattan, the competition for talent is only going to get more intense.

Compete for talent.

When you come across someone – a server in a restaurant, somebody selling to you – who just might be a good fit for your organization, give the person your business card, your 10-second pitch, and invite them to call you. If you know of someone in your industry who is a top performer then make them an offer they can’t refuse. Create contests for your employees to refer great people. Make your company a great place to work so word-of-mouth recruiting attracts great people.

This isn’t an HR job. It’s every manager’s job.

If you’re truly committed to winning, then posting ‘Help Wanted’ signs isn’t going to cut it. Compete for talent.

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