You, the Elite Performer

You’re like an elite athlete. You may not pursue the Olympic ideals of citius, altius, fortius, but you’re an elite performer in your field.

Elite athletes exercise their bodies by running and lifting weights. You exercise your mind by consuming content and engaging people. They fuel their bodies with well-planned nutritional regimens. You fuel your mind with …


For optimal performance your mind needs the right fuel every bit as much as your body needs the right fuel. Are you fueling yourself like an elite performer?

While I won’t get into nutritional specifics – and there is a mountain of information available – here are three guidelines that help me get the right fuel:

1.  Make Everything You Eat and Drink a Conscious Choice

  • None of us makes good choices all the time but we’re more likely to make good choices when we’re conscious of them

2.  Decide Before You Desire

  • Once the desire for food or fluids kicks in it’s harder to make good choices; better to plan ahead what you’re going to eat and drink, when and where

3.  Always Be Packing

  • When we’re low on fuel we grab for whatever fuel is available, good or bad; I’d rather avoid the bad stuff than resist it so I take a selection of teas and food bars with me everywhere

You’re an elite performer. Your input helps determine your output. Why leave your performance to chance?

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