Why You’re Not as Committed as You Think You Are

I often start a presentation to organizational leaders by asking a question: How committed are you to winning? Unsurprisingly, almost everyone says they’re “totally committed”, “100% committed”, “all-in”, things of that sort.
Of course it’s a set-up. By the time I’ve finished the presentation they realize they’re not nearly as committed as they thought. (And therein lies the opportunity.)
If we look at those who are truly committed, we see what commitment truly looks like. Take Ashima Shiraishi, for example. Ashima is a 15-year-old girl. And it just so happens she is one of the very best rock climbers in the world. She has numerous “youngest ever …” and “first woman ever …” ascents to her name. So how committed is she? For the past nine years (you do the math) she has spent at least four hours, almost every single day, climbing. To improve, to hone her skills, to grow stronger.
Then there’s the grizzled veteran of rock climbing, 23-year-old Adam Ondra. Considered by many to be the finest rock climber ever, Ondra’s training regimen has been described as maniacal: one-to-two hard workouts a day, at least six days a week, for months at a time.
You know when they say, “Don’t work harder, work smarter?” Sure, work smarter. But if you want to be exceptional you’d better work harder too.
And if the prospect of that energizes you, then you’re doing what you should be doing, what you love to do.
So, how committed are you to winning?
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