Why You Should Unashamedly Trash Your Company “Values”

There are at least three reasons you might want to trash / tear-up / blow-up your company “values.” Ready?
1) Without looking at any reference material … what are your company values?
If you don’t know, aren’t sure, or struggle to answer, then we’ve identified the first reason. If they are truly values that are core to your company, shouldn’t you and your leadership team – in fact, every employee – know them at the drop of a hat?
2) Do you know how well your company is living the values?
If you don’t have a way of knowing whether the values are being lived or are simply words on a piece of paper, then are they really that important? And how could you possibly manage them?
3) Do you test for values in your selection process?
If it’s hit-or-miss whether new employees share the values of the company, then can you really call them company values? Or should they more accurately be called company “hopes and prayers”?
So, how did you do?
If you know your company values, monitor them, manage them and select for them, then, yes, you can keep them. However, if you don’t … it’s time to open up the trash bin.
Your thoughts?

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