Why You Don’t Want a Consultant Who Promises Results

Sometimes clients like to ask if a consultant guarantees results. Sometimes consultants are tempted to say, ‘yes’.

Wrong question and wrong answer.

Success in every consulting engagement depends on both the consultant and the client. Both need to do certain things – and not do certain things – to be successful.

If I’m asked whether I guarantee results here’s what I say:

Imagine you and I are handcuffed together in the desert. We’re on our own 25 miles from civilization. If I choose not to walk, you can’t drag me 25 miles which means we’re both going to die. If you choose not to walk I can’t drag you 25 miles which means we’re both going to die. So I can’t promise you we’ll get the result. But what I will promise you is that I won’t be the one to stop walking.

Your thoughts?


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