Why Details are Critical

As someone who enjoys outdoor activities I’m always interested in innovations to outdoors gear. I recently came across one that totally impressed me with its attention to detail: the GoBites Uno – a spork.
A spork is part spoon, part fork in one, lightweight utensil. Not hard to manufacture. Been around a long time. So why a new spork and what makes it special?
Start with strength. Many lightweight sporks feel flimsy; they’re not hard to break. The Uno has a diagonal ridge line that stiffens it and makes it exceptionally strong for its weight.
Then shape. The snub-nose spoon makes scraping the bottom of pots and bowls a breeze. Concave areas at both the spoon and fork ends provide natural resting places for your fingers. And the thick, smooth edges don’t dig into your skin when pressing down while cutting.
The central tines are just long enough for twirling noodles. Pointy enough to stab raw veggies yet rounded enough so as not to puncture your mouth. Tapered edges on the outside tines allow you to break apart even hard food into smaller pieces.
This is a thoughtfully designed product. And if you’re into outdoors activities you especially appreciate the small conveniences.
How important are product and service details to your customers? The little things that make subtle impressions. That can differentiate you. Are you paying enough attention to the details?
Your thoughts?

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