What Your Lawyer Can Teach You about Hiring Right

So I’m having breakfast with my lawyer, Tim. I like meeting with Tim because he’s smart, pragmatic, and he doesn’t view our meetings as an opportunity to maximize his billable seconds. The topic turns to hiring so I ask him what he looks for in a new lawyer other than the obvious considerations of grades and a law degree.
“I like it if they’ve been a waiter,” he says.
“If they’ve worked in that kind of job then they’re used to a stressful environment. They’ve learned the importance of teamwork and they’re continually dealing with customer relations. And they’re likely to be trustworthy because they’re dealing with money.”
Ah, of course.
When hiring, it’s common to look for relevant traits and skills. Yet do you consider how those traits and skills might be revealed in activities completely unrelated to the position you’re hiring for?
Hmmm, I wonder if restaurant managers look for someone who has practiced law?
Your thoughts?

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