What ‘Wow” Service Looks Like

Standing out a little is little better than not standing out. Sure, it’s nice, but not particularly memorable. The only way to be memorable, and to inspire customers to speak passionately about you, is to blow them away.
I walk into a chocolate and fine foods shop called Sinfully the Best (sinfullythebest.com). Immediately I’m greeted by a staff member, not trying to sell me anything but eagerly offering me one of their flavored truffles.
Mmmmm, very tasty.
As I walk around I notice everyone’s joyful spirit. Clearly, these people love working here. I pick up an assortment of chocolate tasting squares for one of my clients.
Anything else we might help with?
Maybe something for my wife. Nothing too sweet.
We have this ginger and rhubarb spread that is just wonderful with a medium cheddar Here, why don’t I make you one?
Thank you. Yes, that is good. I’ll take a jar.
I’ll put it in a nice cellophane wrap – I’ll bet your wife will like that! What’s her favorite color? Purple? Great. I’ll use a nice purple ribbon for the bow.
After a few more such pleasantries, I pay and start to leave the shop. They thank me effusively, say how much they look forward to my next visit, and promise me they’ll have some irresistible new treats.
Blown away. Not by service that was simply nice or pleasant or better than others. But by an experience that was compelling, complete and consistent.
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