What Really Makes a Company a Great Place to Work For

For the past twenty years Fortune magazine has published an annual list of the 100 best companies to work for. A company typically made the list because they offered exceptional perks and benefits, and created cultures in which employees felt valued and trusted.
But the definition of what makes a great place to work is about to change. Why? Because Fortune’s research has revealed a troubling finding: A company could make the 100 Best list yet have, “major disparities among the experiences of frontline employees.” Those disparities were masked when a company’s results were averaged out.
As a result, starting in 2018, Fortune will revise its methodology to emphasize “the consistency of employees’ experiences, regardless of who they are or what they do, rather than looking primarily at companywide averages.”
In other words, what counts is more than just what the average employee experiences most of the time. It’s what every employee experiences all of the time.
As those of you who follow me know, I have been trumpeting the concept of Ruthless Consistency for many years. The idea that when everything employees experience consistently points them in the right direction, they are much more likely to act in that direction. That’s the key to executing strategy, implementing change, and driving results.
And now we’ve learned that ruthless consistency is key to more than just results, it’s key to creating a great place to work.
People are bloodhounds for inconsistency. Inconsistency kills leaders’ credibility, demotivates employees, and undermines results.
Create a great place to work and drive results. Be ruthlessly consistent.
Make it happen.
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