What I Love About Millennials

Generational differences are a hot topic of study and conversation. It’s no wonder, given Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce and the purchasing power of Millennials will surpass that of Boomers over the next two years.
I sometimes hear Boomers and Gen X’ers complain about Millennials (it’s a time-honored tradition for older generations to speak authoritatively about the supposed deficiencies of younger ones). So, for those of you over the age of 35 (and I am one of you), here is what I love about Millennials:
They are totally engagable.
They care. They want to learn; they want to be challenged. They want a make a difference. They want to do work that is meaningful for organizations that are purposeful. They want to be treated as colleagues, valued and treated with respect. They want to celebrate and be celebrated.
Imagine instead a generation who are apathetic. Whose work philosophy is a shrug of the shoulders and whatever. Who have little ambition. And for whom meaning and purpose revolves around themselves. Is that what you want?
I didn’t think so. You want engagable. Well, you’ve got it. Now it’s up to you to engage.
Your thoughts?

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