What a Fashion Icon Can Teach You About Business

Karl Lagerfeld is an icon in the world of fashion design. Creative director at Chanel (for over 30 years), Fendi (for 50 years!), as well as his own fashion house, Lagerfeld is as relevant today as he was decades ago.
How? How is it that Lagerfeld has stayed at the cutting edge, especially in an industry as fickle as fashion?
First, despite his countless designs, innovations and accolades, he is utterly unsentimental about the past. He completely embraces the now and is forward-looking to the extreme. As a writer in the Financial Times put it, “For Lagerfeld, nostalgia is creative poison.”
In his own words, “I’m always into the next step. I’m interested in what’s going on, not what has happened. I never look at the archives. I hate archives!”
Second, his work is his passion and he relentlessly immerses himself in it. Lagerfeld recently staged two couture shows in Paris – one for Chanel, one for Fendi – in a single week. In the world of fashion that is a Herculean task. Clearly this is someone who is not just riding out the wave.
Are you constantly looking forward? Is your work your passion? Are you immersed in it? And as a result: Will you remain relevant?
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