Three Reasons Why Goal-Setting Fails

A New Year, new energy … time to set some business goals!

Just make sure it isn’t a hollow exercise. Too often goal-setting results in goals that go nowhere. They look good on paper but they don’t get done. Here’s why:

1. The Goals aren’t Clear
Fuzzy goals lead to fuzzy outcomes. If the goal is to form deeper customer relationships, that’s fuzzy. If the goal is to grow annual revenue per customer by $10,000, that’s clear. Deeper customer relationships may be the strategy by which you achieve the goal, but it’s not the goal.

2.The Goals aren’t Compelling
If the goals are nice-to-dos rather than must-dos, they’re not likely to happen. What makes a goal must-do? Two things: First, the prospect of a big win. ‘If we can supply 10,000 units in 30 days then MegaRetailer will make us a preferred supplier.’ Second, the prospect of avoiding big pain. ‘If we can sell 10,000 units in 30 days then BigBank will let us keep our doors open.’

3.Too Many Goals
If everything is a priority don’t be surprised if nothing gets accomplished. Three goals max. And depending on the goals, one might be the max. Focus on less, accomplish more.

A New Year and new energy. Make it a goal to set great goals.

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