The Zen of Strategy

Developing your strategy? Wanting to create organizational focus? Then decide what you’re not going to do. Which markets you’re not going to serve. What you’re not going to offer.

Every organization struggles with focus. With ambition-creep. Seemingly everything is important. Yet, sometimes, a conscious decision to not take action is the right course of action.

Trying to do everything doesn’t guarantee that everything will get done well. It all but guarantees that everything won’t get done well. The antidote? For each potential new project, market or offering, ask:

  1. To what extent will this siphon attention and resources from our current priorities?
  2. Is that cost justified by the projected benefits?
  3. If so, should some current priorities go away or should we find additional resources?

Be realistic. Prioritize and focus. Do less, but with greater intensity and heightened expectations.

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