The Three Laws of Motivation (Law #2)

Last week I wrote that you as a leader don’t cause motivation. You hire people who are motivated, then you create the right environment to help channel and unleash that motivation.

So what’s the right environment? You’re not going to like the answer.

Law #2: Motivation is not one-size-fits-all

It depends. Sure, there are some universals: people want to feel respected, they thrive when they have a sense of purpose, and they feel good when they accomplish things. Beyond that almost anything goes. Some want you to point them in the right direction and then get out of the way. Some need your approval after taking each step. Some like to try different approaches, some like to conform. Some like to interact with others, some want to be left alone. Some want to lead, some want to be led. Some want to be recognized on the big stage, some want to be recognized in private.

The bottom line: know your people. Different people respond to different environments for different reasons. That’s human nature and that’s OK.

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