The Talent Management Practice We Too-Often Avoid

Growing companies recognize the importance of onboarding – providing new employees with the knowledge, skills, expectations and support to become effective contributors. Yet they often avoid an equally important talent management practice.
I have a client company that is poised for strong growth over the next few years. They now understand that if they don’t hold their people constructively accountable – ultimately removing those who can’t or won’t meet expectations – then they aren’t likely to realize that growth.
How do you hold people constructively accountable? By giving them candid feedback about their performance and conduct. By conveying clear expectations, and the “why” behind those expectations. By providing coaching and encouragement. By letting them know there are consequences if expectations don’t get met. And finally, once all reasonable steps have been taken, by removing the employee from the organization.
What is the consequence of managers not holding people accountable? They destroy their credibility, demotivate their people, and undermine their organization.
Onboard people to help them meet expectations. And off-board those who don’t.
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