The Surprising Secret to a Great Adventure

The reason to go on an adventure is of course for the adventure. Yet when you’re exploring, exerting, and taking in the wonder of everything, there is one other thing that can greatly amplify or diminish your experience.

The food.

We recently did the 5-day Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. Starting from a high plain, up and over a mountain pass at 15,200 feet, then down into the jungle … the pace at which we passed through distinct ecosystems was almost surreal. A great trek.

And fortunately we had Herbert. Our first clue that he was special came on night one when he quickly prepared a delicious four-course meal for us. I stared at the meat dish trying to determine what it … good God, it’s chicken cordon bleu!

On day two he somehow baked us a cake.  On day three he made us the most delectable mushroom ceviche framed with sweet potato spears. Not for a second did I pine for seafood ceviche!

And so it went. Great food reinvigorated the spirit of our team at each meal.

So here’s a question: What simple things can you do to reinvigorate the spirit of your team? To bump morale? To enhance their experience?

Your thoughts?


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