The Power of Reinforcement

I’m always surprised how much impact a little reinforcement can have.

I finally meet our property manager in person and send her a quick email that evening saying it was a pleasure to meet her. Thirty seconds. No big deal. Done. So she sends me a reply thanking me for the kind words and how they ‘warmed her heart.’ And how happy she was she got a chance to meet me and ‘if you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know!’ Hmmm, guess not too many people have acknowledged her.

How often do you acknowledge your people? Thank them? We’re all busy, that’s no excuse. It’s a matter of making it a habit so it becomes natural. And to make it a habit you’ll need reminders to get you started. Like a scheduled email to yourself each morning or a post-it you keep on your computer or a repetitive reminder on your calendar. ‘Acknowledge someone today!’

It’s the multiplier effect. Small actions done a multitude of times can have an enormous effect.

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