The High Cost of Not Holding People Accountable

Like many leaders, you struggle with holding people accountable. Why? Plain and simple: the cost. It takes time. Mental energy. It’s awkward. Uncomfortable. It can get emotional. All these disincentives lead you to procrastinate or avoid.
Let’s look at the other side of the equation. What’s the cost of not holding people accountable? First, the issue doesn’t go away. Performance doesn’t improve. Behavior doesn’t change. Second, is what that says to everyone else. That poor performance or conduct is okay. It doesn’t need to change. Third – and this is the big cost – is the message you send about you as a leader. That you’re weak. Spineless. That you’re not committed to winning.
If your people don’t believe you are committed to winning, how likely is it they’ll be committed to winning?
The next time you face that moment of truth, about holding someone accountable, don’t focus on the cost of doing it. Focus on the cost of not doing it.
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