The Heart of Business

Tony Hsieh, founder of the legendary online retailer Zappos, doesn’t want his people to transact business. He wants them to create a personal emotional connection.

Gianluca Isaia, third-generation CEO of the namesake Neapolitan firm that makes fine handcrafted, men’s clothing, says, ‘We don’t try to sell a product, we sell an emotional experience.’

What is the fundamental truth that Hsieh and Isaia have tapped into? That the heart of business is to elicit a positive emotional response from those whom you touch. It’s how you make them feel, not just about you and your offerings, but, ultimately, about themselves.

How passionate are you about what you do? About creating passionate customers? About igniting the passion of those around you to create those customers?

It starts with you. Are you connected to the heart of business?

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