The Grand Canyon of the Workplace – Boomer Edition

Since I’m hiking across the Grand Canyon this weekend I thought I’d write about that Grand Canyon of the workplace … yes, the generational gap. This week and next I’ll spotlight a few things that Boomers and Millennials can do to bridge the divide.

OK Boomers, you’re up first:

1) Back in the day …

Newsflash: Millennials don’t care about your back-in-the-day any more than you cared about the previous generation’s back-in-the-day. What they care about is now and ‚Äòwhy?’ Why should they do things your way and not another? Why will something work or not work? And are those answers still true today? You want employees who care enough to question things. Who care enough to want to do things better. Now you’ve got them.

2) Millennials expect to walk in and run the joint

Would you rather employ a bunch of un-ambitious automatons? Sure, Millennials are a little na√Øve and a little impatient. So challenge them, help them learn, and channel their ambition and energy towards useful ends. You’re lucky; motivation isn’t their issue. But if you don’t play your cards right, it could be.

(Next week: Millennnials, it’s your turn …)

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