The Grand Canyon – Change of Plans

Last week I wrote that this week’s blog would spotlight a few things Millennials can do to bridge the gap with Boomers.

Change of plans.

Why? Because we were all set to cross the Grand Canyon when at the 11th hour something came up that caused us to change our plans. Which is what can happen with your strategies.

The evening before our 4 a.m. departure we were speaking with a park ranger and learned that a water pipe in the canyon had burst the day before. Which meant that rather than carrying little water and refilling at the various water stations, we would need to carry a lot more water and be prepared to refill along a creek. And take the time to purify the water.

So we adjusted. We carried more water (more weight!), and took purification tablets with us. But if we hadn’t have gotten the intelligence from the ranger, we could have been in trouble in the 100-degree-plus heat.

Test your assumptions. Gather the intelligence. And be prepared to adjust your plans whenever it makes sense.

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