The Experience, It's All About the Experience

Working on my second mojito as we watch the surfers catch the late afternoon waves off the Southern California coast gets me thinking about why we like beach bars.

Sure, there are the views, the music, the people, the drinks, the staff, the d√©cor, the this, the that …

But what we really like about beach bars is how they make us feel. Carefree, relaxed, comfortable, warm, content, good. The more those other things – the views, the music – help create the feelings we like, the more we like the beach bar. The more we like being at the beach bar.

It’s the experience. It’s all about the experience.

How do you want your customers to feel when they use your products and services and when they engage your people? What do you want them to experience?

Think I’ll experience another mojito.

Your thoughts?


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