The Critical Distinction between Performance and Results

Performance is what you do. Results are the consequence of what you do.

Performance is what you control. Results are what you influence. Because other factors also influence results.

You can perform well yet not get results – because of those factors.

You can perform poorly yet still get results – because of those factors.

Are results attributable to what you did? Or were you merely an innocent bystander? Who happened to be associated with results?

Are you interested in results? Or what was done to produce and sustain results?

Performance is a lead measure. Results are a lag measure.

Developing relationships, identifying needs, outlining solutions and overcoming objections is performance. Getting the sale is a result.

You are responsible and accountable for both performance and results.

A leader must distinguish and understand the relationship between the two.

To improve results, focus on improving performance.

What will you do today to be better than you were yesterday?

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