The #1 Thing That Kills Focus

Sometimes it’s external factors. Sometimes it’s self-created. Yet every time, it keeps you from pursuing your goals.
Distractibility. Your susceptibility to getting distracted.
Staying focused is just as much about what you should avoid as what you should do. So what should you avoid that causes distraction?
1. Clutter
Nothing provides more opportunity for distraction than a work environment that is cluttered. Clutter is a function of the volume of stuff and how disorganized that stuff is.
2. Connection Obsession
Let’s be honest: Constant monitoring and responding to electronic notifications isn’t a necessity. It’s an obsession. Responding to every buzz, beep and flash doesn’t make you productive. It makes you Pavlov’s dog.
3. Multi-tasking
It’s now clear that the supposed benefits of multitasking are an illusion. Multitasking is half-assing. Mono-tasking allows you to process at a deeper level with richer results.
4. Excess Access
Sure, you want to be a leader who is accessible, who people feel comfortable coming to at any time. All well-intended. And the reality is you can’t be a strategic leader and be on a leash 24/7. You need dedicated time to think and act. Sometimes, you need a closed door.
To be clear, by distractibility I’m not referring to rest breaks, blowing off steam, or punctuating the day with some fun. Those can be intentional. I’m referring to the times we intend to be working yet still get distracted.
So take charge. Wage war against the enemies of focus. They’re coming for you every day.
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