Six Interview Questions They'll Never Expect

Job interviews can be like theater. Each person has a role, prepares for it, and takes the “stage” to play it. Interviewees have become especially skilled actors, deftly anticipating questions, and providing answers that make them appear – take your pick – confident / humble / successful / experienced / driven / creative / friendly, in order to position themselves as the ideal candidate.
Shake it up! Here are six interview questions they won’t anticipate. They won’t tell you whether the person is the ideal candidate but they will help you evaluate the¬†real¬†person.
1) Describe the culture of a company in which you would be a poor fit.
2) What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
3) What early influence shaped who you have become as a person?
4) What is a little known fact that people would be surprised to learn about you?
5) How have you intentionally improved yourself over the past year?
6) Why shouldn’t I hire you?
Interviews are just one part of a rigorous selection process. Make sure you’re interviewing the real candidate, not just someone playing the role of the ideal candidate.
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