Selling Sand in the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula. The name evokes a sense of endless sands and the oven-like heat of the desert. In the vastness of the desert there are quadrillions of grains of sand. And it would be easy to think that sand is sand is sand. Yet when the contractor for a new golf course in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates wanted to find just the right sand, he knew who to contact.
Waupaca Sand & Solutions, a Wisconsin-based company that tests, engineers and manufactures the right mix of sand for almost any application.
Because, as it turns out, sand is not simply sand. Grains of sand come in different degrees of sphericity – rounded, sub-rounded, sub-angular, and angular. And different sizes – coarse, medium, fine, and very fine. Sand has properties, and the balance of properties, such as stability and drainage, can significantly impact the firmness, consistency, durability, and even health of a golf green.
What Waupaca Sand & Solutions discovered in the Arabian Peninsula was that the sands of the United Arab Emirates weren’t right for the golf course. So it would have to be imported!
Clearly, sand is not sand is not sand.
Become acutely aware of your customers’ needs. Pay attention to detail. And understand that small things can make a big difference.
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