Ruthless Consistency – not the book


Ruthless Consistency is the philosophy that underlies our approach to Making Strategy Happen. It’s rooted in the belief that to be successful, everything you say and do has to be aligned with your intentions. Everything that touches your people – practices, processes, structure and systems – has to send a clear and consistent message. Why? Because mixed messages kill your credibility, demotivate your people, and undermine your efforts.

So how do you embody Ruthless Consistency? In short, by developing the Right Focus, creating the Right Environment, and building the Right Team. Continually.

Ruthless Consistency does not mean doing the same things, the same way all the time. It means that everything you do – as varied and unique as that might be – must be consistent with your intentions. When your intentions are continually and consistently reflected in your decisions and your actions, those intentions become outcomes.

Do you have the Right Commitment to make it happen?

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