Responsible Leadership: It’s Easy to Lead if …

(This is the 4th and final blog in a series about John Race, mountain guide and co-owner of Northwest Mountain School, who recently led two of my nephews and me up Mt. Baker in Washington State.)
John, like every mountain guide, is a leader. Yet unlike other leaders, in his job he leads clients. And John believes it’s easy to lead if you have …
1)     The Right Passion: He had a love for climbing well before he started his business
2)     The Right Background: Over a number of years he earned his International Mountain Guide certification, attesting to his skills, knowledge and experience
3)     The Right Mindset: His number one focus is always on his clients and their needs
4)     The Right People: Although it’s challenging to pre-qualify clients, it’s much easier to lead those who are positive and capable than those who aren’t
You’re a leader. Do you have a passion for what you do? Do you have the right background? How about your mindset? And are you leading the right people?
When all is said and done, how easy is it for you to lead?
Your thoughts?

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