Responsibility and Accountability

Who is responsible for your employees’ performance? Answer: you and your employees.

Your responsibility is to provide five things:

  1. DIRECTION – purpose, goals, expectations
  2. CAPABILITIES – resources, authority, skills
  3. ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT – processes, policies, infrastructure
  4. COACHING – feedback, guidance, reinforcement, accountability
  5. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT – respect, understanding, caring

Your employees’ responsibility is to perform.

Who is accountable for your employees’ performance? Your employees are accountable to you. You are accountable to your conscience.

If an employee repeatedly isn’t getting the job done then look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Have I done my part in giving the person a fair chance to succeed?’ If your answer is ‘no’, then fulfill your responsibility. But if with a clear conscience your can answer ‘yes’, then it’s time to execute rule #1 of change management: If you can’t change the people, change the people.

Be responsible and hold yourself accountable.

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