Every major change initiative I’ve ever worked on reminds me of how important it is to recalibrate.

It’s impossible to design the flawless implementation of a major initiative from A to Z. There are too many moving parts, too many unknowns. You can’t anticipate everything. That’s why you recalibrate.

Get feedback and ideas from those involved with the change and those affected by the change. What isn’t working as planned? What obstacles have emerged? Which people are leading the charge? Which people are lagging behind? Why? Are there resource constraints? Are incentives – monetary or non-monetary – misaligned? Do people have the required skills? Which communications have been effective? Which haven’t?

Everything is subject to change. The goal isn’t to defend and justify your initial thinking. The goal is to successfully execute. Assess where you’re at, get your people’s input and make the changes you need to make. Then give them the credit. That engages them and lets them know you listened, heard and took action.

You always reserve the right to do what makes sense. Recalibrate.

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