Package Your Opinions as Questions

You’re a take-charge leader. In meetings you almost always have a point-of-view and you present it with authority. When you disagree with others you speak up and definitively say why. As you should. Because you’re the leader.

So how do you think this affects your team? Do you think they feel valued? Encouraged to think for themselves? Encouraged to challenge you?

But wait, you counter, if I have strong views shouldn’t I express them?

Sure. But before you do why not demonstrate a desire to understand their views:

     ‘Amy, tell me more about your thought process.’

      ‘Derek, help me understand why you feel that way.’

Even if their answers don’t cause you to modify your views, you’ll have sent a clear message that you value their opinions.

Now take one more step. Package your opinions as questions:

      ‘What do you think of the idea that …’

     ‘What would happen if …’

      ‘Is it possible that …’

Now you’re creating engagement. And an environment that promotes thinking, exploring and challenging. That’s what you want from your leadership team.

Your thoughts?


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