One Powerful Way to Instill a Sense of Purpose

It’s widely accepted that when employees have a sense of purpose they are more engaged and perform at a higher level. So how can a leader help to instill a sense of purpose?
Novo Nordisk makes drugs for treating diabetes and hemophilia. They instill a sense of purpose by showing employees videos of patients who have recovered, or even survived, because of their drugs. Seeing what a product or service means to the end-user, from their perspective, can be a powerful way to instill purpose.
Imagine being a supplier of building products. Would watching customers talk with pride about what they’ve built, and how your people and products made a difference, help to instill a sense of purpose? Imagine being a commercial insurance broker. Would watching customers talk emotionally about how they had just the right coverage to protect them when disaster struck, and how their agent truly understood their business, help to instill a sense of purpose?
Could you extend the idea? How might similar videos on your website help to attract potential employees?
Purpose. It’s not just the execution of a service or the delivery of a product. It’s the lives that are touched.
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