How One Company Reflects its Values in Business Practices

While in the UK recently, whenever I had the urge for fresh and tasty take-away food I would seek out a Pret a Manger. Pret (as it is commonly known) is an international, ready-to-eat food chain. With a creative selection of sandwiches, salads, soups and wraps, you could easily fall in love with this chain for the food alone.

Yet what also struck me were their values. No, not simply values that reside in the world of concepts and ideals. But values that reside in the world of business practices.
Like Food Waste. Pret claims that every night they donate their fresh food to charities to help the hungry (instead of selling it the next day). And what made me believe they really give away all their food at the end of each day? One evening, after I picked up and paid for my late night snack, the cashier handed me a scrumptious looking fruit, seeds and oats bar, and said, “Why not take this? We’ve got lots of extra food today.”
Like Sourcing. Pret sources only from companies that are committed to higher animal welfare standards (for example, chickens that are ethically-raised), and sustainable farming practices (like pole & line caught tuna).
People don’t care so much about your company’s values. They care abouthow you bring those values to life. The behaviors, the practices that reflect those values.
I can conceptualize values, but I can visualize behaviors and practices. And visualization evokes emotion far more powerfully than conceptualization.
What do you want your customers to visualize?
Make it happen.

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