Leaving Money on the Table

The Gallup organization recently surveyed over 150,000 workers and found that fewer than one-third are engaged in their work. And engaged doesn’t just mean satisfied, it also means emotionally connected. Which, by the way, correlates with better performance and financial results.

When I worked at FedEx, one of many things they did well was emphasize that a manager’s job is to elevate their people. From the mandatory effort they give to keep their jobs to the discretionary effort they give when they’re truly engaged. Why? Because engaged employees go above-and-beyond. They take initiative. They take pride in their work. They think: What’s best for the company? What’s best for the customer?

Every year Fortune magazine publishes their ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ edition. Yes, they’re great places to work, but those 100 best companies also outperform their competitors financially.

So it’s not just a matter of feel good. If you’re not engaging your employees, you’re leaving money on the table.

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