Leadership Effectiveness: A Quick Test

Effective Leadership. Without it, an organization simply can’t achieve and sustain success. With it, anything is possible. So what is the essence of effective leadership? Is there a simple answer?

Jack Welch – some guy who used to run GE – says there is. Effective leadership was a cornerstone of Welch’s management philosophy and under his watch leadership development became a key to GE’s success. What leadership qualities did Welch look for? Four “E’s”. Do you have energy? Do you energize others? Do you have the edge to make tough decisions? Can you execute? That’s it.  Four “E’s”. 

See if it works for you. Rate each member of your leadership team as a leader. Then rate them on the four “E’s.” Now have each of them rate themselves as a leader and on each “E”.

Do the ratings of the four “E’s” correlate with perceived leadership effectiveness? Do your ratings largely align with their self-ratings? If so, the four “E’s” may be a useful tool to assess leadership, spotlight developmental opportunities, and identify outright limitations.

If simple works, then keep it simple. Do you have the energy and edge to energize and execute?

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