If You Want to be a Better Leader …

If you want to become a better leader then strive to become a better coach.

What do great coaches do?

  1. FOCUS – They regularly communicate goals, why they’re important, and where the organization is on the path to achieve them. They clearly convey what is required of individuals to meet those goals.
  2. EQUIP – They provide the necessary skills, resources and authority for their people to succeed in helping the organization succeed.
  3. INFORM – They provide meaningful feedback about past performance and helpful guidance so their people can improve.
  4. FOLLOW-UP – They recognize and celebrate progress and success. They hold accountable people who continually fail to meet expectations.
  5. CONNECT – They role model and cultivate an atmosphere of respect, trust and caring.

Great coaches continually work to create the right environment to get the best from the talent they have. Isn’t that what all leaders should do?

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