How to Translate Brand into Behaviors

One of our clients is going through a rebranding exercise. As you might expect, they are coming away with a refreshed logo, compelling messaging, and a snappy tagline.

Which will be a complete waste of time, money and effort if they don’t live the brand.

What does that mean? It means that the new brand commitment – in this case, making the next moment truly matter – has to be reflected not just in what they say but in what they do. It has to translate into behaviors.

If we want to make the next moment truly matter for customers, then we have to understand what truly matters from the customer’s perspective. So for the next few months, starting with the executive team, we’ll be engaging customers with the primary purpose of empathizing. Seeing through their eyes, thinking in their minds, and feeling with their hearts. Before we jump ahead to evaluating and solving, we want to empathize with their total experience.

Then, if we can validate our understanding with the customer, so they know that we empathize, and satisfy the needs we’ve empathized with, we truly will be living the brand.

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