How to Surmount the Insurmountable

It’s that time again … the biannual clash for golf bragging rights between the U.S. and Europe. Get ready for pressure, drama, joy and heartbreak.

In 2012, at Medinah, Illinois the Europeans trailed 10-4 on the second-to-last day. Clawing back two late wins, they ended the day trailing 10-6. Not a promising scenario, especially considering the Americans have typically dominated the singles match format on the final day.

Still, Eurpoean Captain Jose Maria Olazabal delivered a simple message to his players on the evening before the final day:


That’s all. Just believe. As Vaclav Havel, the former Czech playwright and preseident noted, “Belief is not a prognostication. It’s an orientation of the spirit.”

The result? In what was dubbed the “Miracle at Medinah”, the Europeans came back to win and retain the cup.

When things in your organization look bleak do you still believe? Do you force yourself to believe? And do you exude nothing but relentless belief when you engage your people?

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