How to Strengthen Your Employee Selection Process

You’ve done a great job of recruiting. You’ve got a pool of candidates. Now it’s time to evaluate them and select the best person for the job.
But how can you tell if your selection process is effective? That you’re choosing the person you should be choosing? And that you’re getting what you thought you were getting?
By implementing a dual feedback loop after you hire. Here’s what to do:
Feedback – the Employee Perspective
During the new employee’s first two weeks (while the selection process is still fresh in their mind) meet with them to debrief the process. Let them know your goal is to improve the selection process and that they can help. Ask these questions:

  1. What was most effective about our selection process?
  2. What was least effective?
  3. Was there anything we didn’t ask or evaluate yet should have?
  4. Was there anything we did ask or evaluate that wasn’t relevant?
  5. What are the top three things we can do to make our selection process more effective?

Feedback – the Company Perspective
After the employee has been with you for 90 days, meet with the employee’s manager, along with the selection committee, and ask these questions:

  1. How closely do the employee’s performance and conduct match what we expected?
  2. What didn’t we evaluate yet should have?
  3. What should we start evaluating as a result?
  4. What did we evaluate that didn’t accurately predict performance or conduct?
  5. As a result, do we need to change or improve how we evaluate?
  6. Is there anything we should stop evaluating?
  7. What are the top three things we can do to make our selection process more effective?

Feedback is only effective if it leads to change. Once you’ve compiled the feedback, modify your selection process and apply it for your next hire. Then implement the loop again.
It’s not enough to do a great job of recruiting and amass a pool of candidates. Strengthen your selection process.
Make it happen.
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