How to Pick the Wrong Consultant

You’ve decided you need a consultant. Great. But consultants are a dime a dozen. How do you not pick the wrong one?

As a consultant for the past 20 years I’ve come across my fair share of consultants. As you might expect, they’ve ranged from terrific to terrible. Here are a few types to avoid:

1 The ‘Tweener

Many people between jobs want to show continuity on their resumes. So while they’re looking for the security of that next permanent position they call themselves consultants. They’re not consultants. They’re pretenders.

2) The Surfer

Not quite ready or able to retire but not wanting another full-time employment gig, some people decide to ride out the wave of their careers as a so-called consultant. Unfortunately, their motivation and commitment is all-too-often in inverse proportion to their experience.

3) The Dabbler

Then there are those who want something to do when they feel like doing something. The telltale signs of the Dabbler? No process, no methodology, no track record. They’re not in the consulting world. They’re just visiting.

Next week: How to pick the right consultant.

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