How to Pick the Right Consultant

Last week I covered what types of consultants to avoid. OK, so how do you pick the right consultant? This is what to look for:

1) Results-Driven
The consultant you want should be motivated by the opportunity to have impact. So they need to determine if that opportunity exists. It’s a good sign if a prospective consultant grills you to truly understand your situation, your commitment and if they are likely to have that impact.

2) Exceptional, Relevant Experience
Asking if the consultant has ‘done it before’ isn’t enough. More importantly, was their experience relevant to your specific situation? What was the context of their experience? What actions did they take and why? What outcomes did they produce? Was what they did exceptional?

3) Glowing References
As good as the consultant might seem, it’s imperative that you check references. Does the reality match the story? Were there any red flags? A so-so consultant might get decent references but only an exceptional consultant will get glowing references. Look for the glowing.

At some point every growing organization will benefit from using a consultant. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid can make a tremendous difference.

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